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One of the biggest influences on margin success amid rising interest rates will be the ability to manage deposit costs. The market and industry dynamics are unique; we enter this Fed tightening cycle with the most deposit growth we have ever seen in a concentrated period. But questions remain. How will these dynamics influence deposit volatility? What are optimal pricing strategies as rates move? Financial institutions need to map out their deposit game plans now, particularly if the Fed is aggressive early in the cycle to lower inflation.

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Rising Interest Rates

One of the Greatest Threats to Margin During a Rising Rate Cycle

Video:  3 Minutes

What's your institution's strategy for rising interest rates?

How to predict deposit betas, avoid betting too much on rate hikes with DCG's Matt Pieniazek

How to avoid betting too much on rate hikes - Darling Consulting Group President & CEO Matt Pieniazek discussed balance sheet positioning for rate hikes, the potential for banks' bonds to move further underwater as rates move higher, and how banks should evaluate how sensitive their deposit bases will be to the Fed's tightening cycle.

S&P Global Street Talk

Nathan Stovall | S&P Global Market Intelligence

Podcast with Darling Consulting Group's President & CEO Matt Pieniazek


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Every new rising rate period is a little bit different. Is your institution prepared?




Podcast with Darling Consulting Group's Joe Kennerson

Preparing for Rising Rates with DCG's Joe Kennerson 

Join Joe Kennerson of Darling Consulting Group to discuss how your organization can prepare for rising rates.

Featured Insights

Join Darling Consulting Group for an inside look at customer deposit trends through this tightening cycle.  Case studies are shared from our vast Deposits360°® client base on recent attrition and migration trends, successful deposit promotions, and overall insights into deposit strategies.

A Deposit Perspective on the Great Fed Squeeze

Unlocking the Mystery of Deposit Behavior Patterns: Deposits360°®



Featured DCG Webinars



Bruce Hinkle & Kim Weeks | StoneCastle

Industry Webinar with Bruce Hinkle and Kim Weeks from StoneCastle joined by Darling Consulting Group's Joe Kennerson

The Deposit Difference with StoneCastle Cash Management

A robust discussion on current deposit environment.

DCG consultants Joe Kennerson, Billy Guthrie, and Jeff Croteau perform a demonstration with a focus on:

  • Quickly identifying deposit cannibalization and the marginal cost of funds of specials

  • Tracking new money vs. attrition by product, branch, and business vs. consumer

  • Deposits360°® forecast model and dynamic deposit study

  • Additional features such as: deposit segmentation, identifying at-risk depositors, and building campaign lists

Unlocking the Mystery of Deposit Behavior Patterns: Deposits360°®

Unlocking the Mystery of Deposit Behavior Patterns: Deposits360°®



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