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Data-Driven Solutions
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Confidently drive your deposit strategy with actionable intelligence.

DCG's proprietary credit union and bank deposit analysis solutions transform data into intelligence by combining strategic insights, industry data, and predictive analytics to enable users to enhance ALM model assumptions and make more informed deposit decisions.

​“The picture continues to get more complex with each passing quarter. More data can lead to greater clarity.”

Justin Bakst

Executive Director

Deposits360° Solutions

Learn how DCG's suite of 360° solutions
can help power your institution with data.

Mastering the Art of Deposit Pricing Strategy with Deposits360°

Understanding how deposit pricing decisions affect balance activity is one of the great challenges facing institutions today – with a significant impact on margins. Deposits360° helps attack that challenge by forecasting the volume and cost impact of deposit pricing decisions. Watch our video to learn how your institution can harness data to create actionable insights. 

Video:  2 Minutes

Featured Insights



Deposit Analysis

Proactive Analysis Down to the Customer Level

Combine easy to use, dynamic deposit base analytics with multi-level data drill-down capabilities.

Predictive Bank Deposit Analysis Down to the Customer Level with DCG's forecasted core deposit study.

Deposits360°’s predictive functions bring science to what has historically been a looser art form in linking pricing decisions to growth and retention. Backed by the power of one of the industry’s largest data assets in the hands of some of the best data science professionals, Deposits360° enables users to confidently see the tradeoffs of optimizing the P&L impact of pricing decisions today with deposit growth trends in the years to come.

​DCG’s core deposit analysis transcends the industry-standard components of a core deposit study. Beyond providing best-in-class quantitative support for key model inputs such as pricing betas and average life assumptions, the analysis enables users to understand and explain the results, powered by actionable insights. The solution supports hundreds of financial institutions across an extremely diverse user profile base. Its easily-digestible outputs are lauded by clients and regulators alike.

Over 3 billion

individual deposit records

Data from 4700 branches

throughout 48 states

Spans two decades

Rate cycles

Built in anonymity

Database continues to expand...

Client story:  Harnessing Data to Better Serve Members

Get to know Members 1st Federal Credit Union, which oversees over $6B in assets with 60 branches across central Pennsylvania.

Watch to learn more about how Members 1st relies on insights from Deposits360° to power its mission to serve over 500,000 members and their communities.

Video:  2 Minutes

Featured DCG Webinar

Making deposit decisions solely based on “gut” is far from optimal. The good news is that financial institutions have a treasure trove of data. Unlocking that data to help support pricing strategies is critical as funding cost pressure mounts.

Unlocking the Mystery of Deposit Behavior Patterns: Deposits360°® Virtual Demo

Unlocking the Mystery of Deposit Behavior Patterns: Deposits360°®



Learn More About Deposits360°

It’s more important now than ever to not rely on gut instinct and dated deposit patterns for decision making.
With Deposits360°, your institution can harness data to create actionable insights. Watch our video to learn more. 

Video:  2 Minutes

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