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Harness the power of data to optimize deposit strategy. 

The predictive functions of Deposits360°'s credit union and bank deposit analytics bring science to what has historically been a looser art form of linking pricing decisions to growth and retention. Under the guidance of DCG's team of data science professionals – and backed by the power of one of the industry's largest data assets – Deposits360° enables users to clearly see the tradeoffs of optimizing the P&L impact of pricing decisions today with deposit growth trends in the years to come.

​“While interest rate cycles and deposit rates may be inherently dynamic and difficult to predict, the key to better understanding is digging deeper into the data.”

Justin Bakst

Executive Director

Overall Relationship View

Relationship value is often discussed, but not usually managed with actual data. With Deposits360° data-driven deposit relationship insights, users are armed to create better informed pricing and retention strategies.

Branch Level Analytics

Do some branches do it better than others?  Deposits360° helps uncover branch level strengths that help improve overall branch network success.  

Customer Segmentation

As the business environment changes, so do the needs and wants of bank and credit union customers. Deposits360° segmentation and migration analytics help users understand the flow of existing relationship money on a timely basis, so they can respond to changing trends in real time.


Does your deposit promotion strategy yield the intended results you were hoping for in regards to growth and retention? Deposits360° brings easy to access focus to the effectiveness of your deposit strategies.  

How We Help Clients

About Deposits360° Deposit Analytics

Deposits360° combines easy to use dynamic deposit base analytics with multi-level data drill-down capabilities that enable users to unlock their deposit base. Deposits360° users can:

  • Track non-maturity and time deposit migration

  • Quantify deposit cannibalization and measure marginal cost of funds

  • Analyze attrition and improve deposit retention

  • Segment their deposit base (bank-branch-product-customer-relationship demographics)

  • Identify funding concentrations and analyze key/large accounts and households

  • Uncover insights for pricing decisions and new product development

  • Measure success of new product introductions

  • Develop early warning systems for identifying “at risk” customers

  • Drill down all the way to customer & account levels

Learn how DCG's suite of 360° software solutions
can help power your institution with data.

Featured Insights

Credit Union & Bank
Deposit Analytics



Easily Generate Sophisticated Deposit Performance Analysis

Deposits360° puts the power of dynamic, on-demand analysis directly into the hands of your institution's users. 

Easily Generate Sophisticated Bank Deposit Analytics.

One of the Greatest Threats to Margin During a Rising Rate Cycle

Video:  3 Minutes

Interactive deposit customer segmentation with bank deposit analytics.

Interactive Segmentation

Build segmentation using customized ranges or use pre-configured dashboards to answer specific business questions.

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