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About Us
Data-Driven Solutions
Model Validation & MRM
Asset/Liability Management
DCG Leadership Team

Matt Pieniazek

President & CEO

DCG Leadership Team

Donna Harris

Chief HR and Finance Officer

DCG Leadership Team

Jay Kollias

Executive Director – Financial Analytics

DCG Leadership Team

Jay Wright

Executive Director – Technology

DCG Leadership Team

Judi Kenney

Executive Director – Risk
Management Analytics & Validations

DCG Leadership Team

Justin Bakst

Executive Director – Products & Solutions

DCG Leadership Team

Keith Reagan

Executive Director – Advisory Consulting

DCG Leadership Team

Kevin Williams

Executive Director – Sales, Marketing, and Quantitative Risk Analysis & Strategy

DCG Leadership Team

Michael Carney


DCG Leadership Team

Get to know the most experienced team in the industry.

The DCG leadership team pioneered the field of asset/liability management consulting and has served the bank and credit union communities for over four decades. Together, they lead DCG in our shared mission to change the conversation and drive transformational business results for our clients.

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