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Asset/Liability Management

ALM Strategy & Advisory 

Put Asset/Liability Management to work for your institution.

When experienced independent consultation aligns with best-in-class models, ALCO transforms into a strategic profit center. This hinges on working with an ALM strategy partner who can not only present information in a way that facilitates discussion and decision making – but who can also bring that information to life in the form of strategy. DCG makes the complex simple, so that institutions have the clarity to make decisions and confidently move their businesses forward.

Using Tie-Breakers for Clear & Confident Strategy

Feeling paralyzed in your decision-making process? In this uncertain environment, you're not alone, but doing nothing can be just as harmful to your bottom line. Get unstuck with tie-breakers. Learn how institutions are enabling clear and confident decision-making.

Video:  3 Minutes

How We Help Clients

​​“ALCO should be your most productive and engaging meeting.”

Keith Reagan

Executive Managing Director

Strategic Partnership

To change the conversation at ALCO, it's critical to view a balance sheet through a variety of different lenses. DCG's decades of experience in combination with our diverse, country-wide network of peer institutions uniquely enables us to empower clients with the right fresh perspectives. With DCG, you have a dedicated, independent partner backed by a deeply experienced team focused on tailored strategy development for your entire balance sheet.

ALM Model Outsourcing

Drop the burden of developing and maintaining an in-house risk management modeling and reporting process. Increased pressures, expectations, and scrutiny have made ALM outsourcing a transformative and cost-effective alternative to modeling in-house, all while enhancing the ALCO experience.

ALM Education & Regulatory Assistance

Throughout client partnerships, the DCG team takes a hands-on approach to educating all stakeholders, driven by a goal to facilitate cohesive decision making and risk management. In addition to best-in-class models, clients have full-time access to the full bench of DCG subject matter experts, so they can continuously stay ahead of the curve.

Expanding Your Team

Would you like to add a team of 150+ professionals working non-stop for the betterment of your institution? Never be in a situation where you lack the resources to build a model or answer \

Examples of Client Results

  • Helped transform how a lending team thought about loan pricing and structure for $6B institution; as a result, added roughly $50M of new loans to the balance sheet, driving well over $1M of added net interest income.    
  • Guided $5B institution in ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​addressing ~100 MRAs related to capital planning, strategic planning, and liquidity planning. ​

  • Altered institution's thinking about investing (products/term), driving millions of dollars of added net interest income
  • Improved net interest income by 10% for $1B institution via execution and defense of portfolio lending strategy.
  • Devised and helped facilitate rising rate “de-risk” plan for $200M credit union under regulatory order without increasing funding costs or reducing interest income levels.

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