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Data-Driven Solutions
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DCG 360° Software

Analytical solutions for banks and credit unions that power strategy.

Institutions have no shortage of data – but to leverage it effectively requires insight and quantitative rigor. To build better strategy, anticipate customer trends, and make more nimble decisions, you need to bring your data to life.

DCG 360° software solutions for banks and credit unions can help you answer questions you may not even know to ask. With best-in-class deposit analytics, core deposit studies, liquidity risk modeling, credit stress testing, and loan prepayment and pricing analytics, you can now leverage data and predictive analytics on-demand to make better decisions.  

​​“The growing size and complexity of banking industry data warrants a more scientific and analytical approach.”

Alissa Earle, PhD

Principal Data Scientist

Data-Driven Solutions

Learn how DCG's 360° Solutions can

help power your institution with insight.

Featured Insights

Harness the power of data insight and predictive analytics to drive effective deposit growth strategies and cost of funds management. Deposits360° can help you transform your organization’s data into intelligence. It combines strategic insights, industry data, and predictive analytics to enable you to make more informed deposit decisions and enhance your ALM model assumptions.

Optimize your liquidity yield and exceed regulatory expectations with Liquidity360°, an online contingency liquidity solution for customized stress tests, contingency funding plans, dynamic forecasting, and a risk monitoring scorecard.

Enhance lending initiatives and capitalize on untapped growth potential with institution-specific analytics on prepayments, pricing, and average lives. With Loans360°, you’ll have on-demand access to account level prepayment and pricing analytics to enhance risk model assumptions and support portfolio and pricing decisions.

Support your strategic plan and defend portfolio initiatives with this forward-looking credit risk assessment. Assess credit risk trends and the impact on your capital using institution-specific loss curves with the latest economic forecasts. The solution’s online module puts the power in your team’s hands to define customized “what if” scenarios so you can analyze capital level impacts under a variety of conditions.

Data Science at Darling Consulting Group

DCG Principal Data Scientist Alissa Earle, PhD shares lessons learned from her work on the NASA New Horizons mission and discusses how DCG's cross-institution data is changing the conversation for banks and credit unions.

Video:  2 Minutes

Examples of Client Results

  • Guided $5B internet bank out of an MRA with support around deposit stability and liquidity planning.   

  • Reduced community bank’s Net Interest Expense by 10 bps by segmenting deposit base and recommending alternative pricing and tier structure.

  • Provided COVID Deposit Surge analytics for $2B community bank by demonstrating ability to safely extend investment portfolio, improving Net Interest Income levels by $2M/year.

  • Guided $750M bank with insights around deposits at risk, equipping staff with ammunition to save over $3M in valuable relationships.

  • Enabled $35B bank to support interest rate risk and liquidity assumptions with data insights.

  • Provided analytics consulting to $17 billion bank to support stability of PPP deposits and deploy investments.

  • Led $6B credit union analytics team on migration and retention of member certificate portfolio trends, resulting in $500M new product offering.

  • Created robust loan prepayment assumption support for interest rate risk, liquidity, and CECL life of loan calculation for $3.5B bank.

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