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Your complete contingency liquidity solution.

Liquidity risk management should help to both optimize a liquidity position and provide robust contingency planning support. Liquidity360°® empowers institutions with a powerful liquidity risk monitoring, stress testing, policy development, and “what if” simulation tool that drives strategy and moves beyond regulatory expectations.

​​“Liquidity planning is critical. You should elevate it, and incorporate it into your ALCO discussions related to rising rate risks.”

Keri Crooks

Managing Director

Dynamic Forecasting

Optimize liquidity with a robust forecasting model that goes beyond managing sources and uses and cashflow analysis. Focusing on asset allocation, collateral management, and wholesale funding capacities brings a wholistic approach to scenario planning and stress testing.

Stress Testing / Remediation

What are probable and extreme stress test scenarios and how might both impact your liquidity position? Liquidity360° facilitates customized idiosyncratic and systemic scenario testing. Easy, single-page assumptions inputs make the process of scenario analysis easy, yet comprehensive. Users may complement each stress test with a remediation scenario supported by a contingency funding plan.

Risk Monitoring

What would it mean for your institution to manage its risk appetite beyond your policy limits? Customize and monitor key performance indicators with an early warning system that alerts users of liquidity risk well before action is required.

Contingency Funding Policy & Plan

With hundreds of bank and credit union users and growing, your institution can take advantage of the industry's regulatory best practices. Benefit from thousands of exam cycles, thorough reporting, and robust contingency policy documentation.

Guidance & Consulting

DCG leverages decades of experience validating liquidity models nationwide across the full spectrum of banking institutions. Our team guides Liquidity360° users from the starting line of data implementation to the finish line of producing clear and concise results and reports.

How Liquidity360° Helps Clients

Learn how DCG's suite of 360° software solutions
can help power your institution with data.

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Liquidity Risk Management

A Complete Liquidity Toolset

Aninteractive solution for liquidity risk management monitoring, forecasting, contingency planning, and reporting.

A Complete Liquidity Risk Management Toolset with DCG's Liquidity360°.

Liquidity360° Features

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Assumption management

  • Customizable liquidity risk triggers

  • Stress testing

  • Contingency planning what-if simulations

  • Liquidity risk monitoring reports

  • Comprehensive policy statements

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