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Judi has over 35 years of experience in the banking field. With a prior background that includes internal audit, accounting, finance, and treasury, her current role is the culmination of all that knowledge. She currently leads Darling Consulting Group’s Risk Management Analytics & Validations team, overseeing a group of highly skilled risk management consultants who provide clients with IRR model validations, liquidity reviews, and other specialized services.

Judi strongly believes that her team’s role as validators is not merely to ‘check the box’ for clients but also to help them see the value their institution can gain through their IRR and liquidity processes.

Prior to her current role, Judi was a manager within the financial analytics department at DCG, where she managed teams that provided custom modeling and strategy simulation services for DCG advisory clients nationwide.

Judi’s education includes an MBA from Boston University and a BS in Accounting from Syracuse University. She lives on the coast of New Hampshire with her husband and loves when their two grown sons come home to visit.

About Judi

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Judi Kenney

Executive Director – Risk
Management Analytics & Validations
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