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The DCG team has been in contact with hundreds of banks and credit unions since the bank failure situation unfolded rapidly in March and as it continues to play out, contributing to widespread fear. Clearly, there were risk management processes that could have been improved. We have been assessing (and as news breaks, reassessing) the situation with our typical ALCO focus in mind: confidently exploring risk/return tradeoffs of potential strategic options to better position our clients to optimize income safely and soundly.

Read on for DCG's latest resources to help banks and credit unions navigate their paths forward in this rapidly changing economic and regulatory environment. 

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Bank Failure Fallout

What is the path forward given the current economic and regulatory fallout?

How to predict deposit betas, avoid betting too much on rate hikes with DCG's Matt Pieniazek

How to avoid betting too much on rate hikes - Darling Consulting Group President & CEO Matt Pieniazek discussed balance sheet positioning for rate hikes, the potential for banks' bonds to move further underwater as rates move higher, and how banks should evaluate how sensitive their deposit bases will be to the Fed's tightening cycle.

S&P Global Street Talk

Nathan Stovall | S&P Global Market Intelligence

Podcast with Darling Consulting Group's President & CEO Matt Pieniazek



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A Risk Management Checklist for Institutions

To best address risk management objectives, institutions may consider a range of options specific to their individual business models and balance sheet profiles. This checklist highlights additional actions that may be widely applicable to all institutions. We encourage you to Contact DCG to discuss this checklist and how it may best apply to your institution’s needs and goals.


Featured Insights

Join Darling Consulting Group President & CEO Matt Pieniazek for a conversation on the current economic and regulatory environment and considerations for Asset / Liability Management and Risk Management.

Special Discussion with Matt Pieniazek on

Bank Failure Fallout

Unlocking the Mystery of Deposit Behavior Patterns: Deposits360°®



Webinar Replay: 

Special Discussion with Matt Pieniazek on Bank Failure Fallout

During this session on March 23, DCG Managing Director Mark Haberland will highlight the most common modeling and assumption challenges given today’s unprecedented economic environment. The discussion will focus on how to address these challenges successfully and inspire ongoing confidence in your interest rate and liquidity risk assessments and strategy.

Unlocking the Mystery of Deposit Behavior Patterns: Deposits360°®



Matt Pieniazek

President & CEO

"Risk management isn't a treasury function, or an ALM function, or a credit committee function. It's a mindset that should permeate your institution – and it needs to be owned by the c-suite."

– DCG President & CEO, Matt Pieniazek

Watch Replay:

Confident Strategy Starts with Reliable ALM and Liquidity Modeling

The team at DCG stands ready to help with our independent and unbiased perspective.

Webinar Replay: 

An Economic Downturn May Be on the Horizon. Are You Prepared?

Join DCG in this webinar from 3/3/23 that discusses best practices around risk management and the prospects of a black swan event. These principles discussed ring even more true today given the recent bank failures in the industry.


Executive Director Product & Solutions Justin Bakst, and Managing Director John Demeritt share case studies of how institutions are preparing for the uncertainty ahead.

An Economic Downturn May Be on the Horizon. Are You Prepared?

Unlocking the Mystery of Deposit Behavior Patterns: Deposits360°®



Special Episode: Dr. Lacy Hunt, Chief Economist,

Hoisington Investment Management Company


Join Vin, Zach, and DCG Managing Director Frank Farone in a timely discussion with internationally-renowned economist Dr. Lacy Hunt, Chief Economist of Hoisington Investment Management Company.  The four discuss: 

  • How we have entered a Minsky Moment

  • Bond investors “looking the wrong way down a one-way street”

  • The longer-term implications of the debt overhang on the term structure of interest rates

  • The current yield curve as a “cause and a symptom” 

  • The outlook for bank lending, credit, and profitability

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