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Proactive Liquidity Management for Turbulent Times

Frank Farone

Managing Director

Darling Consulting Group

Frank consults nationwide with CEOs and CFOs of financial institutions to increase earnings through the proactive management of capital, liquidity/funding risk, and interest rate risk. He is a frequent speaker and author on topics such as industry issues and trends, funding solutions, regulatory issues, interest rate risk management, capital management, and derivatives hedging techniques.

Frank was designated a “top-rated” speaker by FMS and is well known for his popular seminar “Turbo Charging Your ALCO Process” having helped thousands of bankers across the country.

Jeff Croteau

Account Manager

Darling Consulting Group

Jeff is an Account Manager at Darling Consulting Group, where he assists financial institution executives in strengthening their asset liability management (ALM) process. In this role, he provides custom solutions for managing interest rate risk, liquidity risk, and capital. Jeff is also knowledgeable in the areas of deposit strategies, regulatory compliance, and executive-level education.

The regulatory bar for liquidity management has risen to new heights – and continues to rise and evolve in the aftermath of last March’s bank failures. The Fed’s aggressive tightening cycle moved liquidity management to the center of regulatory focus, as disintermediation of the deposit base and heightened awareness of the speed and magnitude with which deposits can evaporate created a paradigm shift. Adding to these challenges is the protracted and steeply inverted yield curve exerting further pressure on liquidity and industry margins.

Forewarned is forearmed and there’s never been a better time to prepare than now. Join R&T Deposit Solutions and Darling Consulting Group for a discussion packed with valuable insights and recommendations for more effective liquidity management, including recent observations from the regulatory field, optimal funding and balance sheet strategies, and considerations to assist your institution in navigating through turbulent times and the evolving landscape.

Highlights from the webinar will include:

  • Importance of diversifying and maximizing liquidity resources

  • Exploring collateral and alternative funding sources

  • The evolving requirements and expectations of liquidity management

  • How changing liquidity expectations impact balance sheet strategy

  • Critical elements of an effective Contingency Funding Plan

  • Understanding the true marginal cost of funds and optimizing funding strategies

  • Policy guidelines for maximum flexibility

  • What’s on Your Mind?

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