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Solving the Liquidity Challenge for Credit Unions

March 9, 2023 2:00 ET

Jeff Croteau

Account Manager

Darling Consulting Group

Jeff is an Account Manager at Darling Consulting Group, where he assists financial institution executives in strengthening their asset liability management (ALM) process. In this role, he provides custom solutions for managing interest rate risk, liquidity risk, and capital. Jeff is also knowledgeable in the areas of deposit strategies, regulatory compliance, and executive-level education.

Joe Kennerson

Managing Director

Darling Consulting Group

Joe is a Managing Director at Darling Consulting Group. In this capacity, he works directly with financial institutions by providing solutions for their asset liability management process in the areas of interest rate risk, liquidity risk management, ALM modeling, regulatory compliance and executive-level education. He is a frequent speaker and author and directly advises clients in all aspects of ALM.

Deposits are down, cash levels are shrinking, and wholesale funding is on the rise. Furthermore, deposit competition is intensifying as the Fed continues to raise rates during this historical tightening cycle, and the delta between wholesale and deposit costs reaches extraordinary levels. Undeniably, liquidity is coming under pressure and regulators are taking notice. This webinar will address upcoming liquidity challenges in our industry, and what every credit union should be doing to develop a “best practice” approach in liquidity management.

During this webinar, Joe Kennerson and Jeff Croteau will share recent regulatory feedback and provide action items to enhance liquid reporting including dynamic forecasting, stress testing, early warning indicators and effective policy development. Additionally, the session will include case studies which highlight deposit strategies to manage the rising cost of liquidity most effectively during this tightening cycle.

To help position your credit union for success in 2023 and beyond, this webinar will address the following:

  • Managing regulatory pressures

  • Identifying the appropriate liquid asset cushion (and not just cash!)

  • Critical elements of an effective Contingency Funding Plan

  • Building the appropriate stress tests – and remediation plans

  • Becoming comfortable with higher levels of wholesale funding

Please forward this invitation to your team. We look forward to you joining us at this free, one CPE credit-eligible webinar.

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