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Preparing for Rising Rates: Balance Sheet Strategies in a Changing Environment

On-Demand Webinar (February 23, 2022)

Eric Poulin

Senior Consultant

Darling Consulting Group

Eric is a Director at Darling Consulting Group where he assists community financial institutions with the delicate balance of optimizing earnings while prudently managing risk. In this role, he works collaboratively with ALCOs to develop comprehensive strategies related to all aspects of Asset Liability Management. Eric strives to distill complex concepts into actionable intelligence and delights in bringing education to the industry.

Joe Kennerson

Managing Director

Darling Consulting Group

Joe is a Managing Director at Darling Consulting Group. In this capacity, he works directly with financial institutions by providing solutions for their asset liability management process in the areas of interest rate risk, liquidity risk management, ALM modeling, regulatory compliance and executive-level education. He is a frequent speaker and author and directly advises clients in all aspects of ALM.

The Fed’s hawkish policy pivot revealed in the most recent FOMC minutes is good news for the industry as the market anticipates earlier Fed actions causing higher rates along the curve. Financial institutions are balancing the earnings challenges in today’s low rate environment against the fear by many of inflation and multiple Fed hikes ahead. Difficult balance sheet decisions will revolve around excess liquidity strategies, preparing for heightened deposit competition and potential disintermediation, and comfort level to add longer-term assets amid rising rates, among other challenges.

Please join Darling Consulting Group for a 75-minute webinar that will take the fear out of rising rates and highlight strategic opportunities for your ALCO to capitalize on in 2022.

Highlights of the webinar will include:

  • Interest rate risk clarity is key: Understand and quantify the impact of the timing, magnitude, and ultimate yield curve shape as Fed hikes (use history as your guide)

  • Capitalizing on rising rates: Strategic opportunities to consider and avoid with excess cash and cash flow. Prepare now for unrealized losses and execute your game plan without concern!

  • Deposit Game Plan: Lessons learned from the 2016-2018 cycle, lag ability and when we make our first move, minimizing cannibalization risk on promotions, assessing an offensive strategy (i.e. growth) vs. defensive (i.e. retention)

  • Loan Pricing and Product Update: Effective pricing and product structures explored to ensure we retain and grow best credits while being mindful of rising rate risk…negotiation tactics revealed

  • Rising rate risk insurance options explored including wholesale, retail, and the important role derivatives can play for effective risk management

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