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Driving Strategic Value with Credit Loss Modeling

On-Demand Webinar (April 8, 2021)

Eric Poulin

Senior Consultant

Darling Consulting Group

Eric is a Director at Darling Consulting Group where he assists community financial institutions with the delicate balance of optimizing earnings while prudently managing risk. In this role, he works collaboratively with ALCOs to develop comprehensive strategies related to all aspects of Asset Liability Management. Eric strives to distill complex concepts into actionable intelligence and delights in bringing education to the industry.

John Demeritt

Managing Director

Darling Consulting Group

John is a Managing Director at Darling Consulting Group, working directly with financial institution executives to improve the effectiveness of their asset liability management (ALM) process. In this capacity, he provides insight and education in managing interest rate risk, liquidity risk, credit risk and capital. John also advises on regulatory compliance, stress testing, and contingency planning.

John began his career with DCG in 2006 as a financial analyst and currently manages DCG’s Risk Analyzer Plus product and Loan Credit Loss Model solution. John is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in finance and marketing.

Throughout 2020 and now into 2021, credit loss modeling has evolved from a stress-testing exercise into a strategic vehicle to help management teams understand potential losses under varying economic conditions and how that could impact strategy development.

Our clients have found that knowing whether projected credit losses are manageable in stable and extreme economic circumstances can provide the peace of mind needed when contemplating potential strategies. The recent pandemic has shifted a lot of focus to credit loss modeling in which our clients discovered benefits outside of the obvious (loss projections) that have permeated through their institution. Join us for this webinar as we uncover the strategic value from credit loss modeling which includes:

  • Minimize the fear of the unknown

  • Create reserve support and benchmarking

  • Assist with budgeting and/or capital planning

  • Provide strategic decision-making support

  • Educate board & executives

  • Prepare for regulators/exams

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