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Registration is now open for our 40th Annual Conference! 

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Driving Confidence in Model Performance with Validation

Mark Haberland

Managing Director

Darling Consulting Group

Mark is a Managing Director at Darling Consulting Group. In this role, Mark works directly with financial institutions to strengthen their asset liability management process. He provides support to clients in the areas of liquidity risk management, capital, ALM modeling and reporting and regulatory compliance. He is a top-rated speaker and frequent author and conducts customized workshops and educations sessions for ALCOs and boards.

Are you fully confident in the results of your key risk models? If you hesitated even for a moment, then it’s imperative to understand the difference between having your models merely audited versus thoroughly validated.

Join DCG Managing Director Mark Haberland as he discusses:

  • How validations help optimize model utilization, ensuring they work as intended and are appropriate for an organization’s size and complexity

  • Actual validation case studies from DCG’s client base

  • Real-life examples of the pitfalls of weak model performance following audits, which can lead to poor decision making

Now is the time to maximize confidence in your model performance – see how taking your models in for a tune-up can translate to meaningful business results.

Registration is open now for this one CPE eligible webinar. We hope you will join us.

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