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Balance Sheet Management Strategies for a Challenging 2022

On Demand Webinar (December 9, 2022)

Eric Poulin

Senior Consultant

Darling Consulting Group

Eric is a Director at Darling Consulting Group where he assists community financial institutions with the delicate balance of optimizing earnings while prudently managing risk. In this role, he works collaboratively with ALCOs to develop comprehensive strategies related to all aspects of Asset Liability Management. Eric strives to distill complex concepts into actionable intelligence and delights in bringing education to the industry.

Frank Farone

Managing Director

Darling Consulting Group

Frank consults nationwide with CEOs and CFOs of financial institutions to increase earnings through the proactive management of capital, liquidity/funding risk, and interest rate risk. He is a frequent speaker and author on topics such as industry issues and trends, funding solutions, regulatory issues, interest rate risk management, capital management, and derivatives hedging techniques.

Frank was designated a “top-rated” speaker by FMS and is well known for his popular seminar “Turbo Charging Your ALCO Process” having helped thousands of bankers across the country.

2021 surprisingly turned out record profits for the banking industry. 2022 brings a whole new set of challenges as many one-time events such as PPP fees, cost of funds relief, and gain on sales are history. Margin and earnings pressure will continue as far as the eye can see, and hoping for better times is not the most prudent strategy. Time is not your friend. Now is the time to act.

What is your outlook for rates? Are you worried about inflation or a protracted low rate environment? This session will offer strategies to consider now – and avoid – as the cycle turns. Creating the right perspective and enabling the right conversation has never been more critical for ALCOs. Forewarned is forearmed.

ALCO conversations should be changing even faster. In this session, DCG’s Frank Farone and Eric Poulin will discuss strategies for staying ahead of the curve, including:

  • Enhance earnings as one-time income events fade

  • Address future margin pressure

  • Manage current and prospective interest rate risk

  • Prudently enhance return on current excess liquidity

  • Productively manage capital

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