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Addressing Your Biggest Concern: Deposit Pricing Strategies Revisited (Clients Only)

September 14, 2022 2:00 PM ET

Billy Guthrie

Deposit Consultant

Darling Consulting Group

Billy is a Deposit Consultant at Darling Consulting Group, working directly with financial institution executives to validate and better understand key deposit assumptions utilized in risk models. In addition to supporting core deposit study analyses, he also educates DCG’s client base on utilizing data analytics to support strategic deposit decisions through Deposits360°®, DCG’s proprietary tool.

Billy began his career with DCG in 2008 as a financial analyst. He is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a degree in finance and management.

Jonathon M. Weiner, PhD

Director, Data Science

Darling Consulting Group

Jonathon leads the DCG data science team, which provides industry-leading quantitative analytics and models to our banking clients. He has been a leading developer of lending, deposit, and real estate models for more than 14 years and is the author of “Modeling Prepayments and Defaults for MBS Valuation” in the definitive guidebook on the topic, “The Handbook of Mortgage-Backed Securities” (Fabozzi, 2016).

Prior to his current role, Jonathon led the development of the profitability models at LendUp from 2015 to 2018, spent two years before that launching a custom web-based mortgage analytics platform, and, from 2007 to 2013, managed the research and development group at LPS Applied Analytics (currently Black Knight Financial) where he was responsible for all development of the company's mortgage prepayment and default models, house price indices, and MBS valuation library. 

Jonathan earned his Ph.D. in physics at the University of California, Berkeley in 2002.

Justin Bakst

Executive Director

Darling Consulting Group

Justin provides risk management education and strategic consultation to financial institutions leveraging DCG’s analytics solutions. Justin has been a thought leader in risk management including interest risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk, as well as emerging risks including artificial intelligence and machine learning. Justin’s focus is developing and implementing solutions that analyze customer behavior patterns to proactively manage embedded risks and drive higher levels of earnings. Justin is a frequent speaker and author with the RMA, American Banker, NYTimes, and CIOMagazine.

Banks and credit unions are starting to see notable deposit outflows and pricing pressure for the first time this cycle.  Loan growth is outpacing deposit inflows in most markets while many institutions are turning to the wholesale funding markets for the first time in years. The FOMC is on pace to move 300BPs this year and many institutions are staying ahead of the market by introducing deposit specials.

But questions remain at almost every ALCO and pricing committee, including:

(1) When is the right time to increase current rates?

(2) What is the optimal pricing in this market?

(3) How much cannibalization can we expect as we roll out new premium products?

Join DCG’s Deposits360°® experts Executive Director Justin Bakst, Managing Director Billy Guthrie, and Director of Data Science Jon Weiner, PhD as they share case studies on the current state of the deposit landscape and provide strategic insights into issues facing financial institutions of all sizes.

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