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A Special Discussion with DCG President & CEO Matt Pieniazek on Bank Failure Fallout

March 15, 2023 2:00 ET

Matt Pieniazek

President & CEO

Darling Consulting Group

Matt Pieniazek is the President & CEO of Darling Consulting Group. He oversees all aspects of the firm’s strategy and directs the DCG team in working with over 600 banks and credit unions nationwide, ranging from de novo to $100B.

As one of the firm’s founders, Matt has led DCG for over 40 years in its mission to help clients transform the asset/liability process into a sustainable profit center. He specializes in partnering with institutions to enhance earnings and mitigate risk through comprehensive, tailored strategies for the entire balance sheet. He is a big believer in the value of data-driven insight and is convinced that simplifying the complex and changing the conversation matters most.

Matt is a frequent speaker and author on balance sheet and risk management topics and overall bank strategy.

As mentioned in our recent client alert, the Darling Consulting Group team has been in contact with hundreds of banks and credit unions since the SVB situation rapidly unfolded last week – and continues play out in additional banks, contributing to widespread fear. Clearly, there were risk management processes that could have been improved. We have been assessing (and as news breaks, reassessing) the situation with our typical ALCO focus in mind: thoughtfully exploring risk/return tradeoffs of potential strategic options to better position our clients to optimize income safely and soundly.

Please join Darling Consulting Group President & CEO Matt Pieniazek in a special 30-minute webinar discussion on the path forward given the current economic and regulatory fallout. Matt will discuss:

  • Mobilizing your contingency liquidity team & process/plan

  • Recommended externally-focused activities

  • Internally-focused activities to consider

  • Considerations for risk/return of overall balance sheet activities with regard to liquidity, IRR, and capital

Additionally, we will invite your questions and comments. You may click here to submit them in advance of the session. We hope you will join us for this timely session.

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