Risk Analyzer Plus

Provide your ALCO with the information it needs to drive the success of your institution.

DCG’s Risk Analyzer Plus takes the burden of developing and maintaining an in-house risk management process off of your hands. The increased pressures of managing your institution have made ALM outsourcing a cost effective solution to modeling in-house, while enhancing the ALCO experience.

Darling Consulting Group has invested significantly in both the technological and human resources that provide your institution with the most robust risk modeling process available in the industry.

Our technological benefits to your institution include:

  • Our own proprietary software (BASIS) that is designed exclusively for interest rate risk management modeling.
  • YieldBook (CitiGroup’s investment analytics tool) for modeling and valuation of your investment portfolio.
  • Black Knight Financial to provide residential and consumer prepayment estimates for your loan portfolios.
  • Darling Data Warehouse which allows DCG to store your account-level data to run bank specific analyses.

Your institution can optimize its risk management process with DCG’s 360° suite of state-of-the-art business intelligence and assumption support tools:

  • Liquidity360° DCG’s on-line liquidity management and contingency planning tool.
  • Deposits360° DCG’s deposit study and subscription service provides support for the most important model assumptions and strategic insight into your deposit base.
  • Prepayments360° DCG’s loan prepayment analytics and subscription service provides loan prepayment trends and refinancing activities.

The most important value your institution will receive from Risk Analyzer Plus is the relationship you will develop with your Risk Assessment Consultant. You will gain an understanding of what is causing your exposure and how the decisions you make impact interest rate risk, liquidity and capital. Board ALCO education, assumption development and support, back testing and regulatory updates are all part of the value-added experience of our Risk Analyzer Plus service.

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We provide you with the information you need to affect strategy development, and will model “what if” scenarios that you request in preparation for your ALCO meeting. And as the model and package reflect what is included with our full service Balance Sheet Consulting service, your ALCO always has the ability to engage DCG for “one off” strategy sessions.

For the overburdened executive, there is very little of your job that you can actually outsource—this would be one of them. Find out how valuable your time really is!