DCG is a practitioner of Asset Liability Management (ALM).  That experience defines our unique services.

DCG began as a developer of asset liability management software, where early on we realized that banks and credit unions were not only underutilizing but also lacking overall in the effectiveness of their ALM process. DCG is now an ALM industry leader focused on the entire asset liability management process: data validation, interest rate risk modeling, analysis, ALCO reporting, education and strategy development.

DCG has continued to accumulate best-in-class modeling and reporting practices during its more than 30 years of contributing to the ALCO process of hundreds of financial institutions across the country. We also offer solutions for validating the modeling procedures and entire ALCO process for clients for whom we do not build the model.

DCG has always been ahead of the curve in expanding its focus beyond just interest rate risk. Capital and liquidity are equally important factors to consider when evaluating your risk profile and developing appropriate strategies for your balance sheet. We have been offering capital planning as well as liquidity management and contingency planning for years, and the recent regulatory pronouncements have only reinforced how important each are to the ALM process.

Whatever your ALM needs are, DCG has a solution to fit your financial institution.

Asset Liability Management (ALM) Advisory Service

Our flagship service that provides a complete ALM solution delivered on-site each quarter.

Model Validation

Comprehensive Model Validation, Audit and Review services.

Deposit Analysis

The next generation of Deposit Analysis.

Prepayment Analysis

An interactive web-based tool that supports institution-specific prepayment assumptions while providing a strategic advantage for senior lenders.

Liquidity Solutions

We thoroughly review your current liquidity measurement and management process and also offer an on-line tool to handle your contingency planning needs.

Credit Stress-Testing Solution

A forward-looking approach to Credit Risk Management and Capital Planning.

Do you need outsourcing and advice, validation of your internal process or specialty analyses? Whatever your ALM needs, DCG has the solution!