Independent Advice on Balance Sheet Management

Balance sheet management consulting to optimize your income, not ours.

DCG’s income is based entirely on your trust and satisfaction, regardless of the services you may use. DCG takes no transactional fees of any kind. With no transaction fees, our only motivation is your success.

We examine every aspect of your balance sheet and provide strategies to maximize your income, not ours. We avoid the inherent conflict of interest that can result if fee income was the result of our recommendations.

In this age of Sarbanes-Oxley (for larger institutions) and increased regulatory scrutiny, getting asset liability management advice exclusively from a dealer/broker with transactional incentives runs contrary to form.

The best approach for any financial institution is to have two trusted relationships: one for ALM advice and strategy with an unbiased view of your entire balance sheet and a second for executing the transactions that result.

As the largest independent ALM service firm in the industry, DCG can be trusted to have your success be our singular focus.