Experienced ALM Consulting

DCG’s team of ALM experts provides unmatched expertise and experience in a wide range of banking disciplines.

An effective balance sheet management process is more than just the development of a strong ALM model. It requires knowledgeable and experienced ALM experts who can make that model come to life in ways that promote an effective decision-making process for our clients.

DCG has that experience! The principals who founded DCG more than three decades ago are still fully engaged with our clients. The company has grown to 90 people who all share a common goal – actively assisting our clients with all of their balance sheet management needs.

DCG has a team of 15 client consultants, each of whom has between 10 and nearly 40 years of balance sheet management experience. This makes them fully versed in the economic and regulatory issues relevant to a high-performing ALCO process. This group meets regularly to share their experiences in the field, discuss business issues and talk over strategies that they have discussed with their clients.

Financial Analysts
A team of 40 ALM analysts and managers is responsible for building the ALM model, with the average tenure being more than five years at DCG.

These analysts complete a rigorous training period before they are assigned to work with a DCG client. All of our ALM clients receive full support from the analyst group as analysts, senior analysts and managers are all fully engaged in the development of the ALM model and ALCO reporting package.

This is a true analytical – not data processing – team. They conduct thorough reviews of your source data to ensure accuracy. They conduct in-depth discussions relating to your ALM model assumptions (such as product replacement and deposit pricing). And they evaluate the ALM model results to explain your profile and prepare a thorough liquidity analysis for every review.

Software Development
The software development team has been at DCG for between 10 and 25 years. They develop and maintain all of DCG’s proprietary applications, help to integrate external systems and provide technical support for our clients and staff. This continuity ensures that DCG clients have access to the most complete set of ALM solutions possible.

An effective ALM solutions process is about having the best people. Just ask our clients!