Custom Technology Solutions for Asset Liability Management

Custom-developed technology solutions adapted in response to regulatory changes.

DCG maintains a company-wide commitment to developing and maintaining key technologies to support the ALM and modeling process for your institution. Our in-house systems provide functionality to our analysts and clients that exceed what is available to, or cost effective for, most institutions.

As practitioners of ALM, it is imperative that DCG can react quickly to market or regulatory changes for our clients, and that is the primary reason we develop and maintain our own tools.

Maintaining an in-house development staff provides DCG the resources to integrate best-of-breed systems into the mix: Bloomberg for investment analytics, LPS for pre-payments and Yield Book for scenario-specific investment cashflows.

Here is a quick overview of our technology:

  • BASIS® is a highly sophisticated, instrument level modeling system that provides great simulation flexibility. Many of our clients have taken BASIS in-house to perform interim modeling and budgets.
  • The DCG Data Warehouse provides the ability to track and analyze current and historical information specific to your bank.
  • The Atlas reporting application organizes the data into information and creates the ALCO package.
  • Deposits360°® supports institution-specific assumptions that satisfy regulatory requirements in a next generation tool for deposit analysis that provides strategic insight for senior management to manage your non-maturity deposit base in any business environment.
  • Prepayments360°™ is an interactive web-based tool that supports institution-specific prepayment assumptions while providing a strategic advantage for senior lenders.
  • Liquidity360°® is a liquidity contingency planning tool that has been met with rave reviews by institutions and regulators. For DCG Advisory clients, much of the data can be populated from the quarterly model.

Technology is ever increasing in importance to ALM. DCG provides our clients with the necessary sophistication without the headaches and expense.