What Makes DCG Different?

DCG is a practitioner of advanced Asset Liability Management.

For nearly 40 years DCG has contributed to the ALCO function of banks and credit unions. We provide more than just commentary and reports. Our ALM Advisory Service focuses on tailoring strategies and facilitating vital discussions on key decisions for bank management. We help our clients take the correct course of action.

To see how these key factors have helped to build DCG into the top provider of ALM solutions in the industry, please click on a section above.

DCG understands the ALM modeling process. In fact, we started as an ALM software firm and saw how banks struggled to use ALM software effectively. So we changed our business model. We now use that software in developing specific strategies for our clients, so we understand the necessity of getting the model right.

This perspective uniquely defines all of our ALM and ALCO services. Whether you need ongoing assistance with your ALCO process or are in need of having your current process or model validated, DCG brings real world – not academic – resources to the task.

We are proud to be the largest independent asset liability management firm in the country, and we are available at any time to provide support and advice to our clients.