Uncovering Strategic Opportunities in your Deposit Base

For over 30 years, Darling Consulting Group has provided a full range of asset liability management services to financial institutions founded in the belief that ALM should provide strategic value and pursue improved financial performance as well as meet regulatory expectations.

DCG’s non-maturity deposit study was developed on these principles. In the majority of cases, these studies were performed in response to a regulatory demand. However, given the circumstances surrounding the current interest rate cycle—deposit prices dropping to near zero while the influx of non-maturity deposits continue in financial institutions—DCG has reexamined the value of the non-maturity deposit study.

When done properly, non-maturity deposit studies can provide immediate value to the institution. Additionally, during the next rising rate cycle, having a better understanding of the likely behavior of these deposits will be critical. Having this information today will allow institutions to put in place funding and liquidity plans in advance of the markets readjusting.

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