Long-term client relationships with a range of financial institutions.

In our nearly 40 years of service to financial institutions throughout the country, DCG has built strong relationships with our clients based upon mutual respect, strong advice and our ability to think ahead of the curve. Over the years, we have been able to help our clients in all aspects of the ALM process and model risk management practices.

“We demand a lot from ourselves and our consultants. DCG is always ready to run a variety of scenarios that help us gain confidence in our risk assessment and strategy.”

Chris Nelson, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Bangor Savings Bank
Bangor, ME

“Our relationship with Darling Consulting Group started 25 years ago with a single mutual bank.  We have grown to three state chartered banks in New Hampshire that created strategic affiliations as part of a mutual bank holding company structure.  We also added a wealth management company in 2015.  DCG has always been a valuable partner as we’ve grown in size and complexity.”

Jason Hicks, CFO
New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp
Meredith, NH

“The depth of the DCG staff is striking. They have analysts who accept responsibilities that are left for actual consultants at other A/L firms.”

Tim Ryan, CFO
Monona State Bank
Monona, WI

“The breadth and depth of the assumptions process is unlike any other I have experienced and sets the stage for the ALCO model to be a meaningful strategic tool.”

James Brannen, CEO and President
First Seacoast Bank
Dover, NH

“Our recent engagement with Darling Consulting Group has enhanced our Asset Liability Management process. We have a better understanding of our overall risk position, and DCG’s strategy development process allows us to optimize earnings while balancing risk.”

Bob Hoke, Vice President of Finance
Belco Community Credit Union
Harrisburg, PA

“Most consultants tell you what to do without much input from the client. DCG helps facilitate and support our decision-making process. They promote dialogue that leads to effective strategies that we all buy into.”

Bruce Nickerson, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer
Bangor Savings Bank
Bangor, ME

“Sometimes it’s difficult to step out of our comfort zone and do what we know is best for our institution. DCG not only helps educate management and the board to develop confidence in our strategies, but will also take an active role in helping with execution when warranted.”

Jerry Gebert, Chairman of the Board
River Cities Bank
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

“Liquidity360°® and the accompanying Liquidity and Contingency Funding Plan have been instrumental in meeting the requirements established by the Interagency Guidance on Funding and Liquidity Risk Management. It is a flexible system that captures the variables that impact liquidity, stresses the liquidity sources and frames the results in a concise report. The risk monitor and stress testing allow the bank to measure pertinent events that impact liquidity, provides trend analysis and gives a realistic assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in the bank’s contingency plan.”

Frank Kenney, CFO
Northern Bank & Trust Company
Woburn, MA

“DCG has a great relationship with the regulators. Field examiners have been invited to attend ALCO meetings during our past two safety and soundness exams, which has undoubtedly given them a better understanding of the bank’s position and led to fewer questions of management. Annual training sessions provided by DCG to the board have also been invaluable in helping our Directors understand key ALM concepts, as well as their roles and responsibilities with regard to asset/liability management.”

Carri Brown, CFO
Biddeford Savings Bank
Biddeford, ME

“DCG’s independence is invaluable. I always know there’s no hidden agenda, only a commitment to help us maximize the performance of the bank.”

Scott Cattanach, CEO
Peoples State Bank
Wausau, WI

“The regulators are seldom happy. When necessary, I always know DCG will offer support and assistance in our defense.”

Steve Crouse, CFO
Paragon Commercial Bank
Raleigh, NC

“Our examiner requested we place additional strain on our liquidity stress test assumptions. I ran to my office, made a few quick changes in our Liquidity360°® model, and returned a few moments later with an updated forecast. The examiner was both impressed with the turn around and pleased with our analysis.”

Laura Gorman, Treasury Manager
Bridgehampton National Bank
Bridgehampton, NY

“The DCG team has quickly become a valued strategic business partner by providing tools to make more informed decisions and advice that takes ALCO to the next level of being a profit center.”

Kent Carstater, CFO
John Marshall Bank
Reston, VA

“The breadth and depth of the DCG team is second to none. Starting with the detailed data and assumptions discussions to the culmination of strategic focused ALCO meetings, DCG continues to provide meaningful value to our bank. The banking world has changed substantially since we became a DCG client in 1999. DCG seems to continuously evolve to help us stay one step ahead.”

William Baker, CEO
First National Bank in Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD

“Working with DCG has greatly improved the level of information our ALCO reviews.  This leads to higher level thinking, and ultimately better decision making.  The data gathering, assumptions development, and modeling processes are comprehensive but understandable, and are the foundation for which ALCO analyzes the risks within the balance sheet. DCG has played a big role in educating our broad ALCO team about the process and risks, and they assist in strategy development.  Their approach to Asset-Liability Management has taken us to the next level community bank from a profitability, risk management and regulatory perspective.”

Jon Schmaderer, President and CEO
Tri-County Bank
Stuart, NE

“The transition to Darling Consulting Group for our ALM related services could not have gone better.  The overall breadth and depth of the discussions at ALCO, coupled with the advanced technology that Darling brings to bear, has resulted in us having a clearer view of our risk profile than ever before.  This clarity has ultimately allowed us to strategically position our balance sheet to drive earnings while still maintaining risk well within our comfort zone.”

Keith Suchodolski, EVP and CFO
Kearny Bank
Fairfield, NJ

“VSECU has been a client of Darling Consulting Group for about 4 years.  Although I have known about DCG for many years and have been following them during that time, it wasn’t until after attending their annual Balance Sheet & Model Risk Management conference that VSECU decided to work with them. Initially I feel like our shop was slow to grasp the depth and the value of the information they are providing quarterly.  Over time, we have become more comfortable with the information they are providing and how we can act on their recommendations.  I think this is one of the greatest benefits of working with DCG.  They provide actionable recommendations quarterly.  Their analysis is not just academic for the sake of satisfying the regulators.”

Terence Field, CFO
Vermont State Employees Credit Union
Montpelier, VT

“We demand a lot from ourselves and our consultants. DCG is always prepared to provide well thought out advice based on thorough analysis and an independent viewpoint.  I consider them a valued partner to our bank.”

Kevin O’Connor, CEO
BNB Bank
Bridgehampton, NY

“DCG has its hand on the pulse of the both the industry and the regulatory community.  They consistently help us be on the forefront of emerging issues and regulatory focus areas.  As a result, our strategy discussions are proactive rather than reactive and we are well prepared for the ALCO part of our exams.”

Sharon Dufour, CFO
Luso Federal Credit Union
Ludlow, MA

“It is sometimes a challenge achieving consensus between management and the board.  One role DCG has served for us is intermediary, helping management and the board better work as a team in moving the bank forward in continued success.”

Ryan Glistar, CFO
InFirst Bank
Indiana, PA

“We believe the ALCO function should involve a collaborative experience.  For nearly 20 years, DCG has consistently offered value with their strategy ideas and perspectives, helping to facilitate and support our decision-making process.  They promote dialogue that leads to effective strategies that we all buy into.”

Robert Montgomery-Rice, CEO
Ken Colpritt, CFO
Bangor Savings Bank
Bangor, ME