DCG Webinars

DCG offers timely, educational and informational webinars on current Asset Liability Management (ALM) and Risk Management topics and issues.

Darling Consulting Group webinars are developed around the latest concerns within the banking and credit union industries. Archived webinars are available upon request.

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Please note all webinars are developed exclusively for financial institutions and their employees. DCG reserves the right to refuse distribution to any individual or organization that doesn’t meet this criteria.

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(Presented on January 25, 2018)
(Presented on January 24, 2018)
(Presented on October 26, 2017)
(Presented on September 28, 2017)
(Presented on September 19, 2017)
(Presented on September 14, 2017)
(Presented on September 13, 2017)
(Presented on July 25, 2017)
(Presented on May 3, 2017)
(Presented on April 5, 2017)
(Presented on March 15, 2017)
(Presented on February 28, 2017)
(Presented on January 18, 2017)
(Presented on November 10, 2016)
(Presented on September 27, 2016)
(Presented on September 14, 2016)
(Presented on September 13, 2016)
(Presented on June 21, 2016)
(Presented on May 3, 2016)
(Presented on March 30, 2016)
(Presented on January 27, 2016)
(Presented on November 4, 2015)
If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Coletti at 978-463-0400 or kcoletti@darlingconsulting.com.