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The Newest Surge: Deposits

The Newest Surge: Deposits

Deposits | ALM Strategy

2008 Throwback or Temporary Growth

The COVID-19 situation, currently termed “the Great Lockdown,” has created a unique operating environment for institutions of all sizes. Deposit growth is currently outpacing loan demand in the industry, leaving many ALCO’s re-evaluating pricing and liquidity strategies as we approach the mid-year mark.

Recent headlines announced that the personal savings rate balances in the U.S. almost doubled in one month from $1.3 trillion in February to $2.2 trillion in March. Deposits at commercial banks have increased over $1.5 trillion since the start of the pandemic. The combination of unprecedented governmental response and stimulus—coupled with reduced consumer spending driven by both fear and national-stay-at-home orders—have pushed the personal savings rate to the highest levels we have seen in over 30 years. Most consumers have rightly bolstered their personal liquidity position to deal with a situation our great-grandchildren will most certainly study in their U.S. history classes in the years to come.


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