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Summertime Stories

Summertime Stories with parallels to banking


I have two lifelong passions – saltwater fishing and sports! My friends and colleagues know that in the summer I can be found on the Atlantic Ocean fishing with the family, running outdoors, or catching my boys playing ice hockey at our local rinks. And while this summer has brought more precipitation than usual to New England, the fishing and sports have not disappointed. This, coupled with getting back to “in person” meetings with executive and board teams throughout the country, has made for a productive and enjoyable summer season thus far.

The teams I work with across our country know I get great pleasure in working fishing and hockey stories into our dynamic discussions around key issues bankers are challenged with. It is also a great way to keep ALCO members and directors engaged! As such, I am excited to share three “summer stories” with parallels to banking and highlight themes that should be top of mind for this last half of 2021 and beyond.


From the Editor

After a recent visit by some clients to our home office in Newburyport, Massachusetts, I was reminded of how fortunate we are to live and work in a community with such a deep and storied coastal heritage. The charm of our little seaside town, its rich maritime history, and federalist period architecture had our friends from the Midwest soaking in an experience totally unfamiliar to their part of the country.

In this month’s Bulletin, Keri Crooks shares with us some of the parallels of her

summertime passions and current issues within the industry. In many resp