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A Game of 20 Questions

A Game of 20 Banking Questions

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Twenty Questions is a game we have all played for fun and to pass the time on a long drive (before cell phones, that is). With all the uncertainly surrounding the industry this year, balance sheet managers would benefit from asking a wide array of questions.

Deductive reasoning and creativity are absolutely going to be needed to manage financial institution balance sheets in 2021. We are coming off an extremely challenging 2020 (on every imaginable level) and heading into 2021 with many unanswered questions.


From the Editor

In this month's Bulletin, Keith Reagan utilizes the popular “20 Questions” framework for crafting balance sheet strategy in 2021 (or in this case, 21 questions.) For those unfamiliar, it is simply a “guessing game” informed through multiple inquiries.

One participant picks a subject, and the other party attempts to determine that unsaid topic by asking carefully crafted questions (limited to 20 and only “yes” or “no” answers). The game demands deductive reasoning and creativity.