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Bet On Your Balance Sheet, Not Interest Rates

Working on the definitive answers to questions on these key areas to execute an informed financial strategy, not a speculative one.

Bet On Your Balance Sheet, Not Interest Rates

ALM Strategy | Interest Rates | Liquidity

A significant portion of balance sheet risk management revolves around interest rate risk. Therefore, you would think some of the most important questions right now are when and how much rates may rise and the variables that could impact those outcomes (strength and speed of recovery, inflation, etc.). With the recent bond market sell-off, continued improvement in economic conditions, vaccination rollout, and significant fiscal stimulus there is plenty to speculate on when it comes to the timing and magnitude of the next rising rate cycle.


From the Editor

Trying to predict market interest rates can be as foolish as sitting at a blackjack table. Sometimes the cards go your way; oftentimes, they do not. If you were right (or won a hand), you were probably lucky. While the house edge over the inexperienced player is just 2%, that advantage has built a city in a desert!

It feels like the economy has reached an inflec