Prepayments360°™ - Prepayment Analytics Solution

An interactive web-based tool that supports institution-specific prepayment assumptions while providing a strategic advantage for senior lenders.

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Developing institution-specific prepayment assumptions is a critical factor in fine-tuning your risk models. Defending these assumptions is just as important when it comes to preparing for your next examination. Now is the time to get a better understanding of the optionality on your loan portfolio while unlocking strategic solutions for your senior lenders.

DCG’s prepayment analytics solution—Prepayments360°™—is an interactive, web-based tool that gives management the ability to identify prepayments throughout all loan sectors with drill-down capabilities to get to the individual loan level.

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Prepayments360° is customizable for all financial institutions with the ability to segment data by branch, loan officer, credit score, etc. You also have the ability to track prepayment activity by coupon band and vintage. This type of granular detail is used by senior lenders in their day-to-day operations—in particular, to help identify individual credits that may be at risk of refinancing with other institutions.

Prepayments360° harnesses your historical loan data to provide substantive insight into customer refinancing behavior and the nature of the refinancing activity (pay downs, curtailments and even loan modifications). In addition, insight into new lending activity (new volume, pricing, term structure and repricing characteristics) can be analyzed—a full 360° perspective of your loan portfolio. DCG’s Prepayments360° quickly becomes a centerpiece of your entire loan assumption development and confirmation process, while also providing senior lenders with an advanced prepayment analysis tool for their day-to-day operations.