Liquidity Risk Review

Understand the impact liquidity has on your institution today—and tomorrow.

How much liquidity you have, and how much liquidity you need, are both important factors in your ALCO discussions.

The processes you have in place to measure the amount of liquidity you have and how certain assumptions will impact future levels drive those results.

DCG’s Liquidity Risk Review service provides your institution with the most thorough evaluation of your liquidity measurement and management process.

Read DCG Managing Director Kerri Crooks’ Gaining Certainty When Risks Abound article.

Our risk management consultants have experience with hundreds of financial institutions assessing their liquidity risk management processes. They provide substantive recommendations to enhance your process and meet/exceed regulatory requirements.

A strong liquidity and funds management process goes beyond just the measurement of liquidity.

Our Liquidity Risk Review will examine all aspects of your liquidity management process, including your contingency planning and stress-testing functions.

The inclusion of a documented, comprehensive liquidity contingency plan and stress tests are a critical component of liquidity management, and our review will ensure the proper pieces are in place.