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Q:  Are you able to quantify how much of the growth in your deposit promotion is being cannibalized versus who is bringing in additional funds from outside the institution?

A:  A Deposits360°® subscriber can. And that knowledge is influencing their deposit growth and marketing strategy as we speak.

DCG is Redefining the Meaning of “Deposit Study”

Deposits360° is a 2-in-1 deposit solution that combines a detailed core deposit analysis with an online deposit intelligence tool. Deposits360° delivers valuable strategic insights regarding your institution’s deposit base and customer behavior patterns that are simply not attainable with existing deposit studies. Our newest release incorporates time deposits and customer relationship level analytics that provide a holistic view of your institution’s deposit base.

Part 1: The Core Deposit Study – a technically and analytically robust examination of your deposit base that combines quantitative analysis with experience-based qualitative analysis and consultation by our team of experts. DCG mines your historical deposit data, examines past deposit behaviors and helps you develop, understand and support your institution-specific assumptions for decay rates, pricing betas, core/non-core and average lives – to incorporate into all of your risk models.

Our approach enables us to make the deposit study come alive, creating a clear picture of your institution’s deposit history and likely expected behavior patterns in a manner that management can understand and explain. Our report is robust, yet importantly transparent. It also readily prepares your team for the next regulatory exam.

Institutions that utilize the deposit study feature will benefit from the tool’s ongoing deposit activity monitoring and assumptions recalibration. Deposits360° enables you to immediately update your deposit study whenever you choose.

Part 2: Deposit Intelligence & Analysis Tool – the DCG deposit study comes wrapped with an online tool that combines easy to use dynamic deposit base analytics with multi-level data drill-down capabilities, which enable users to unlock their deposit base. Deposits360° users:

  • Track non-maturity and time deposit migration
  • Quantify deposit cannibalization and measure marginal cost of funds
  • Analyze attrition and improve deposit retention
  • Segment their deposit base (bank-branch-product-customer-relationship-demographics)
  • Identify funding concentrations and analyze key/large accounts and households
  • Garner insights for pricing decisions and new product development
  • Measure success of new product introductions
  • Develop early warning systems for identifying “at risk” customers
  • Drill down all the way to customer & account levels
  • And much more…

Deposits360° provides an easy-to-understand dashboard and custom reporting to facilitate sharing information with key team members, ALCO and board. It can also be leveraged for interest rate risk management, liquidity risk management and stress testing.

DCG believes that when approached from a more meaningful and robust perspective, deposit studies should and will be viewed as an investment that provides a financial return. That’s why we developed Deposits360°, a 2-in-1 deposit solution that redefines the meaning of “deposit study.”

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