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The Next Generation of Deposit Analysis

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The stability of a financial institution’s deposit base is a growing concern for banks and credit unions of all sizes as large inflows of non-maturity deposits have become more prevalent the past few years. Regulators now expect institution-specific assumptions for interest rate risk simulations and liquidity forecasts.

DCG’s online deposit analysis tool—Deposits360º—is the answer. Our next-generation tool for bank deposit risk modeling takes you beyond quantitative analysis of deposit studies by integrating your risk-modeling practices to prepare senior management for your next examination.

Interactive Web-Based Deposit Dashboards

Deposits360° provides an easy-to-understand dashboard with account-level insight on your entire non-maturity deposit base. Interactive reports allow management to track branch activity including historical growth and contraction trends, and even isolate specific deposit retention initiatives.

Deposits360° solved all of our regulatory recommendations in developing institution-specific assumptions, and also provides us continuous insight into customer behavior patterns through its online tool. I have not yet seen a deposit solution like Deposits360°.
Ed Garside, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Optima Bank & Trust Company
Portsmouth, NH

Deposits360° gives you the ability to hone in on specific deposit relationships at risk, monitor historical trends, segment demographic data and provide key risk indicators. You will never have to worry about supporting your deposit assumptions, as DCG’s deposit analysis tool continuously updates average life calculations, decay, rate beta and surge-and-balance volatility.

DCG’s consulting team provides senior management with the education and support to incorporate the quantitative analysis with a qualitative approach to deliver “best fit” assumptions for risk management models.

Our online deposit analysis tool helps you focus on the strategic advantages of deposit analysis, including:

  • Deposit pricing/segmentation
  • Hedging strategies
  • Wholesale funding game plan

In addition, Deposits360° integrates these factors into your risk-modeling practices, which include:

  • Net interest income simulations
  • Economic value simulations
  • Operational and contingency liquidity planning
  • Stress testing
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