Executive Strategic ALCO Workshop

Customized on-site workshop that transforms your ALCO into a profit center.

How effective is a strategy based on the wrong or incomplete information?

What good is model output if it cannot be easily understood?

What is the point of an ALCO meeting if key business decisions are not discussed and made?

How many members of your ALCO actually look forward to attending the meeting each quarter?

Those are very important questions—how comfortable are you with your answers? At DCG, we believe that ALCO is where all the action happens. This is where all the key decision makers meet and have the opportunity to discuss risk/reward opportunities to effectively manage the balance sheet.

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DCG’s Executive Strategic ALCO Workshop is an on-site ALM education session that is customized for your credit union. It meets the specific needs of your ALCO and Board to help you get the most out of your risk management and decision making process. When performed in conjunction with our ALM Model Validation and Liquidity Risk Review credit unions really have the opportunity to maximize their ALM process.

The regulatory trends toward increasing management and, in particular, Board-level ALM education makes this workshop an even more valuable undertaking for credit unions. We work with your model and reporting to help implement the most effective decision-making process. This interactive workshop really enhances the comprehension of ALM by the participants and improves the productivity of the ALCO meetings.