Balance Sheet Consulting

A trusted partner that works collaboratively to achieve the ongoing success of your institution.

Balance Sheet Consulting is DCG’s flagship service providing strategic ALM consulting and outsourcing of your quarterly risk management model. From the day you sign on with DCG, our team of experts—utilizing state-of-the-art business intelligence tools and years of experience—will begin the process of developing your customized interest rate risk model on which the ALM consulting and decision making will be performed.

Your dedicated business consultant will bring unmatched expertise to your ALCO meetings, providing independent, strategic advice designed to manage your risk while maximizing your earnings potential.

The concept of “total balance sheet management” is at the center of our ALM consulting relationship with our clients. Interest rate risk, liquidity and capital are all considered when determining the strategic direction the institution should take.

We have been told that the experience and expertise of our analysts rival that of other company’s consultants. Our analysts work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure your risk model provides a reliable foundation upon which strategic decisions will be made. Your analyst will spend countless hours working on the model assumptions with your team to make certain they are reasonable, defensible and understood by all stakeholders.

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DCG’s Balance Sheet Consulting service is a true relationship built on trust. When you engage DCG as your ALM consulting partner, you can have comfort knowing that you will have year-round access to:

  • Customized risk management consulting
  • Unbiased, independent balance sheet strategies that are in the best interest of the institution
  • The industry’s most complete ALM risk modeling
  • Unmatched regulatory support

Your institution can optimize its risk management process with DCG’s 360° suite of state-of-the-art business intelligence and assumptions support tools:

  • Liquidity360°® DCG’s on-line liquidity management and contingency planning tool.
  • Deposits360°® DCG’s deposit study and subscription service provides support for the most important model assumptions and strategic insight into your deposit base.
  • Prepayments360°™ DCG’s loan prepayment analytics and subscription service provides loan prepayment trends and refinancing activities.

It is critical for ALCO and the Board to understand the “hows” and “whys” of balance sheet management, so we make education a focus of every interaction we have with our clients. We view each ALCO meeting as a mini-strategic planning meeting, where focused discussion and decision making are vital to the success of the institution.

The complexities of the process and the increased regulations have made ALM significantly more difficult to perform effectively in-house. DCG’s Balance Sheet Consulting service is a truly cost-effective way to maximize your ALM process and provide your ALCO with ALM consulting expertise that will allow your institution to not only survive—but thrive in the years to come!