Risk Management Services

DCG is a practitioner of Asset Liability Management (ALM).  This experience defines our unique services.

DCG’s genesis was as an asset liability management (ALM) software developer, yet early on our founders realized that banks and credit unions needed a partner to help navigate the ever-changing ALCO landscape. Today, DCG is the industry leader in TOTAL balance sheet management: interest rate risk modeling & reporting, validation, analyses, education, regulatory support and strategic development.

Those critical factors are at the foundation of every one of the risk management services we offer. For nearly 40 years, DCG has been at the forefront of the evolution of ALM—developing new ideas and new technologies all while remaining a trusted, independent advisor to our clients.

Our primary service is our Balance Sheet Consulting service that is provided on a quarterly basis to our clients all throughout the country, yet access to our team of experts is unencumbered. Our staff is frequently asked to speak, write and meet with regulators, so we remain with our fingers on the pulse of the banking industry.

As the industry has continued to evolve, so has DCG’s products and services. Our Balance Sheet Consulting service is joined with an online liquidity management and contingency planning tool (Liquidity360°®), as well as state-of-the-art assumption support tools for deposits (Deposits360°™) and loan prepayments (Prepayments360°™). We provide in-depth model validations and reviews of risk management processes for those institutions for whom we do not model quarterly. Capital planning and credit stress testing are becoming more common recommendations in regulatory exams in the world of Dodd-Frank. Our large bank group provides best-in-class DFAST and CCAR model validations.

Regardless of what your ALM needs are, DCG has the right solution for your institution. Our focus in all of our risk management services is helping you get the most out of your process. You cannot do that with a standardized approach to managing the balance sheet. DCG takes the time to understand your needs, your vision and your goals. Our greatest asset is our people—call us to learn more about how we can work together to exceed those goals!

ALM Consulting

The industry’s most complete ALM solution gives you the information, tools and expert resources needed for your institution to succeed.

Model Validation

More than a regulatory “check box,” our ALM model validations ensure your ALCO is getting the information it needs to make the key strategic decisions at the right time.

Credit/Credit Stress-Test Model Validation Services

DCG provides comprehensive credit and credit stress-test model validations to financial institutions. Validation services include credit scoring, credit default, ALLL and DFAST/CCAR.


Deposits360° supports institution-specific assumptions that satisfy regulatory requirements in a next generation tool for deposit analysis that provides strategic insight for senior management to manage your non-maturity deposit base in any business environment.


Prepayments360º is an interactive web-based tool that supports institution-specific prepayment assumptions while providing a strategic advantage for senior lenders.


Liquidity360º is a complete and interactive set of online tools for liquidity risk management monitoring, forecasting, contingency planning and reporting.

Liquidity Reviews

DCG’s Liquidity Risk Review service provides your institution with the most thorough evaluation of your liquidity measurement and management process.

Capital Planning

DCG’s development of a dynamic capital plan lays the foundation for your institution to meet its growth plans for the future while incorporating stress scenarios to reflect the impact of unanticipated events.

Credit Stress-Testing Solution

DCG has developed a best-in-class community bank credit stress-testing solution that provides a forward-looking approach to credit risk management and capital planning.

Do you need outsourcing advice, validation of your internal process or specialty analyses? Whatever your ALM needs, DCG has the solution!